ANTIDOTES : September 8 - October 14, 2017 (Argus Gallery, Buffalo NY)

Show Hours are 12-3 Saturdays, or by appointment - please contact me to schedule a time.

Evening Hours & Artist Talk: Thursday, October 12 from 5-8pm (Artist talk at 6pm)

Show Closing: Saturday, October 14 from 12-3pm


In an atmosphere where news and media are moving at a disorienting pace and content is vastly negative, I am seeking respite in moments of beauty. Biology and physics tell us that plants growing and rainbows appearing are not magic, but they inspire those feelings; that mysterious elements are at play - enchanting and aesthetically powerful. In this age of technology, information is presented at an alarming rate and it is becoming more and more difficult to pause and deeply connect with our surroundings and tangible environment. By producing works that highlight themes of beauty and wonder, I am consciously capturing the ephemeral and magical moments of life. This exhibition offers a space slow down and reset, providing visual antidotes that showcase the power of perspective and counter the negativity present in our current climate. My hope is that this work will inspire conversation about ways of seeing, common ground, and the beauty inherent in daily life.  -Cassandra Ott