I am intrigued by the little things that make up a larger whole. It amazes me how simple elements can be combined in infinite ways... letters can become language and sketches can become beautiful patterns.

As a Gemini, pattern development is the magical thing that makes my right and left brain so happy! Many of my designs start as sketches or original artwork and then are scanned and put into repeat. The feeling of getting a piece of art into a repeating design never gets old.

If you are interested in licensing or developing a pattern collection, please let me know. I would love to work with you! Here are some examples of recent patterns. For a full pattern portfolio, please contact me.

I was immediately drawn to her warm, and positive spirit, which is also visually communicated through her art, as well as her love of nature. She is a joy to work with—full of fresh ideas, open to other perspectives, and willing to take on any task needed.
— Traci Ackerman - Red Disk Founder/Creative Director