Each day we are faced with countless small decisions, many of which become second nature or habit over time. Each choice we make, ranging from large and looming to seemingly inconsequential, is an important component of the lives we build. My latest body of work is an attempt at visualizing and methodically making sense of the complicated systems and networks of decisions in life. Each piece starts with sets of elements made through meditative painting - focused on aspects of color, pattern and mark making on paper. These foundational components are cut up into repetitious forms, creating two sets of symbolic outcomes – the planned shape and the unplanned consequences or negative spaces in-between. The pieces are then sorted, reconfigured and combined in groups to become balanced compositional architectures. Repeating elements branch in all directions, creating unpredicted yet suggestive forms. I find both the process and the resulting outcome soothing and meditative. I love the practice of making small tangible decisions and visualizing the consequences of their growth and evolution.