An eternal optimist and quiet observer, artist/designer Cassandra Ott was born in Pittsburgh, PA. She grew up surrounded by her mother’s textile collection and father’s architectural renderings and launched her creative path with a BFA in Fine Arts Photography from the University of Cincinnati. Her lighthearted and bright artistic explorations take shape across a variety of media including fine art, dinnerware, fabric and photography. She is a designer by trade, serving as Creative Director for Riverside Design Group, a contemporary dinnerware design company. Not too serious, but extremely driven, she approaches each project with sense of wonder and possibility. She currently lives in beautiful Buffalo, NY with her husband, son and two cats. If you are interested in working together, please get in touch.


I make mixed media images and patterns by combining vivid color, playful experimentation and a light hearted sense of humor. My work illuminates impossible rainbows in vintage photographs and joins diverse plant pieces together to create hybrid flowers. My love of puzzles, repetition and decorative patterns often become a part of the images, stemming from the influence of my mother’s textile background and father’s architectural practice.

Biology and physics tell us that plants growing and rainbows appearing are not magic, but they inspire those feelings; that mysterious elements are at play - enchanting and aesthetically powerful. Since reading that no two people can see the exact same rainbow, I have been investigating these magical and fleeting phenomena, using color spectrums as a tool to explore perspective.

In an atmosphere where news and media are moving at a disorienting pace and content is vastly negative I am consciously creating moments of respite. My work provides spaces for the eyes and mind to slow down and reset - visual antidotes to offset the negativity present in our current climate. While the range of imagery is wide, themes of beauty, memory and optimism are common threads.